Instructions to Download, Access and Print Watercolour Lessons

To Download Lessons:

1. Click on lesson package of your choice.

2. You will be directed to a secure PayPal payment site.

3. After payment, you will be redirected to a page with a download link.

4. Click the link and a small window will open asking if you would like to "open" or "save".

5. Click "save".

6. You will be presented with a "Save As" screen.

7. Save the file, as presented "xxxx.exe", to your desktop.

8. You may shut down your browser/internet now and locate the new "xxxx.exe" file on your desktop.

9. Double click this new file to unzip.

10. This will automatically create a folder called "Bigbrush Lessons" and this folder will contain your lessons.

11. Note - if you already have a folder with Bigbrush Lessons on your desktop, you should slightly change the name of new folder to BigBrush Lessons 1 or 2 or some slight variation so as not to overwrite any lessons previously purchased.

To access and view lessons:

1. At your desktop, double click on the folder titled "Bigbrush Lessons" to open.

2. Locate a file called "begin.htm" and double click to "open" it. This file will be found in alphabetical order unless you have some other default filing system for your folders. Double clicking this file will cause your browser to open off-line so that you can view the individual lessons without being connected to the internet.

3. The first page, called "Materials and Preparation for Every Lesson", contains links to all 5 lessons at the bottom of the page.

  Enjoy and Good Luck!!! Remember to write if you have problems.

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