Instructions to Download, Access and Print Watercolour Lessons

These instructions will be changed to reflect our new payment and delivery policy -

however the slight changes will not affect downloading or using the lessons.

To Download Lessons:

1. If you do not already have a place on your computer for downloading, create a folder (directory/subdirectory) called "temp" or "transfer" and make note of where it is on your system.

2. Click on lesson package of your choice. Afer payment, small window will open. Make sure "save to disk" is selected and click on "OK".

3. Save the file, as presented, to disk into the folder you usually use for downloading programs (i.e. "temp" or "transfer"). This should take approximately 3-10 minutes or so for free demo; and perhaps 10-20 minutes for a lesson package.

4. This will automatically create a folder called "Bigbrush...." and this folder will contain your lessons.

To access and view lessons, use your internet browser as follows:

1. Open your internet not go "on line"....choose to work "off line".

2. Click once on "file" in upper left hand of browser screen.

3. Click once on "Open" and then "Browse" or "Open File" to search for your lesson.

4. Look for and double click on your "transfer/temp" folder/directory. This will open your "temp" folder and you will find the "Bigbrush.." folder you created when unzipping the downloaded self-extracting file.

5. Double click on the "Bigbrush...." folder/directory to open.

6. Click once on "begin.htm" to select and click on "open". This file will be found in alphabetical order so you may have to search a bit.

7. Then, finally, click on "OK". Your lesson package will open with the page called "Materials and Preparation for Every Lesson".

  Just follow the instructions at the bottom of each page to view and print the entire lesson. Enjoy and Good Luck!!! Remember to write if you have problems.

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