Birch Tree Demo - Page 2

Step #5

Three puddles of unmixed colour.

I begin by mixing puddles of colour in the palette wells - ultramarine blue; rose madder genuine or alizarin crimson; burnt sienna. These puddles contain a fair amount of water, but still have enough pigment to be vivid on the palette. Remember, we are not trying to compete with nature. We haven't got a chance of coming out ahead. It is rather difficult to compete with a sunset or sunrise on a piece of paper 22" x 30", so we have to cheat a little by using colour to our advantage. Before I paint anything I always determine the colour and texture of the subject, then try to find the quickest way of getting the story told. If it is not life threatening - try it!

Step #6

We'll mix these on the paper instead of the palette

I know there is colour in the birch. It has a rough texture and it has got a shape. we go. Pick up all three colours on a flat brush. I try to use the largest brush I have that will get the job done, and start applying a multicolour wash between the lines (if need be then also over the lines), then let all three colours mingle together on the paper.



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